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NEW! The Albatross Screen Print

The Albatross Screen print - Kris Johnsen 2014 New print available in my online store here. This print came together when I had a design job from a band where I was creating multiple designs for them to choose from, another design got picked and I was left with a few designs. So after this design sat on my computer for a few months I decided to edit it slightly and see how it would turn out as a print.
This is a 1 color print, printed on 140lb Black French Paper. 12.5-12.5in in size.

Birds in a Row on Wooden Panels for Bangor’s The Rock and Art Shop

Dead Bird Paintings - Kris Johnsen 2014
Recently I was asked to take part in a large group art show at the Rock and Art Shop in Bangor, Maine. This is a shop that I sell prints, T’s and patches at and have visited on occasion and is a really amazing place! The idea behind the show is about 30 artists all get 3, 5-5in wood panels to make art on. I decided to keep with a theme I was already working on for the new Blood Warrior album and have these relate. Two of the birds are part of the record packaging and one is an extension of it. The panels do not say Blood Warrior of have any text. I’m really happy with how these came out and they were really fun to work on. The panels are up at the shop now along with many other great artists. Each panel is $50 and only available through the Gallery. I believe there is an Opening/Closing Party for the show on December 5th. Or atleast that is when it is up until. If you are around Bangor please stop by and see my pieces!
Dead Bird Paintings - Kris Johnsen 2014

Dead Bird Paintings - Kris Johnsen 2014
Here’s two shots from the gallery below!


Eric Hou art Show at Pinecone+Chickadee all month

For the past 3 years I’ve had the privilege of throwing a bunch of art shows at the store I work at called Pinecone+Chickadee. This month features Portland, ME based artist Eric Hou. His work is amazing and is up all month at the shop! Hope you can stop by and check it out, if not please check out Eric’s many online outlets…
Portfolio Website
Koala High

Above is a nice little write up from the Portland Phoenix.

Bearded Strangers Opening at Pinecone+Chickadee Photos


I’m a little behind on posting these but here are some pictures of Kimberly Convery‘s Bearded Strangers opening at Pinecone+Chickadee this past First Friday!!!









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New batch of Small Moleskine Anchor Notebooks


Just made another small batch of Anchor Notebooks to head out to Naples Supply Co. which is a new store opening up in Naples, ME. I’ll post a link when I have one. I also have these for sale at my Etsy Shop and if you are interested in any of my works for wholesale pricing everything in this shop is available for wholesale. Just shoot me an email at for pricing.

MAINE LOBSTER 3-3in sewn patches now for sale online!

Maine patch - Kris Johnsen 2014

The MAINE patches I’ve been working on are finally up for sale online! They are $6 and have free shipping. The patches are multi-colored, measure 3-3in and have a soft plastic backing for protection and durability. These are sew on patches. Pretty straight forward!

I think they came out pretty great and am excited to get more of my drawings turned into fun things like this!

Pick them up here.

Also available at Pinecone+Chickadee in Portland, ME or find me in person.