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Huak – Yorba Linda vinyl record

The first record I got to design and screen print. Huak‘s – Yorba Linda. Printed on Kraft paper and is a 2 color print. I also designed the record sticker. I think 200-250 of these were made. I really love this record and am super happy with how it looks! Still available through the band if you want to grab one!

Slim Wild Boar & his Forsaken Shadow Album

Finally got a physical copy of this album in my hands! Slim Wild Boar & his Forsaken Shadow – Self Titled. Released in 2014. I did the album cover illustration as well as the record sticker with the boar and text on it.

NEW! The Albatross Screen Print

The Albatross Screen print - Kris Johnsen 2014 New print available in my online store here. This print came together when I had a design job from a band where I was creating multiple designs for them to choose from, another design got picked and I was left with a few designs. So after this design sat on my computer for a few months I decided to edit it slightly and see how it would turn out as a print.
This is a 1 color print, printed on 140lb Black French Paper. 12.5-12.5in in size.