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Huak – Yorba Linda vinyl record

The first record I got to design and screen print. Huak‘s – Yorba Linda. Printed on Kraft paper and is a 2 color print. I also designed the record sticker. I think 200-250 of these were made. I really love this record and am super happy with how it looks! Still available through the band if you want to grab one!

Slim Wild Boar & his Forsaken Shadow Album

Finally got a physical copy of this album in my hands! Slim Wild Boar & his Forsaken Shadow – Self Titled. Released in 2014. I did the album cover illustration as well as the record sticker with the boar and text on it.

Portland Patch Project update!

Portland Patch Project

For the last few months I have been working towards to launch of my new project called the Portland Patch Project. It is basically a project where I curate 12 different artists to create a design in which will be getting made into sewn patches. 1 patch will be released every month by a different artists and between 100-300 patches will be made of each design. I will also be adding surprises throughout the year including screen prints, pins and possibly more patches!

The first patch in the project for January 2015 is Steve ‘Stivo’ Zittel‘s Maine Makers Club patch. I have just received these in hand and they look great! You can purchase these here and can choose between buying all the available patches individually or in a subscription which saves you money and gets you a few extra goodies. All patches so far are $6 and shipping is free.

I also have a older Maine patch that I designed and a screen print of Steve’s design available. Free is you order a subscription!

Other artists that will be making designs include… Ryan LaMunyon, Eric Hou, Hannah Rosengren, Kris Johnsen, Reuben J. Little, Amy Teh  and a few more to be announced!

After this weekend patches will be available at the stores Pinecone+Chickadee, The Portland Museum of Art, Ferdinand & Kurier in Portland, Maine if you would like to purchase these in person. Pricing may change slightly at stores.
Portland Patch Project 2014

The man himself Stivo with his awesome wife Allison!

Portland Patch Project 2014

A few variations on the screen print available for sale on free with subscriptions. Purchase here.

Portland Patch Project 2014

Maine patch. Purchase here.

Portland Patch Project 2014

Steve Zittel’s Maine Makers Club Patch. Purchase here.

o’death and Death Vessel screen printed poster

o'death and Death Vessel Poster. Kris Johnsen & Anabele Souza 2014

This o’death and Death Vessel print is now up for sale in my Etsy Shop. I have about 10 of these left and 100% of sales after shipping and Etsy processing charges is still going towards o’death to help them with their recent robbery that happened while on tour. Read more about it here. (http://www.gofundme.com/gk4wyc). These were for sale at their show at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME the other night with all money going towards the band as well, I think we sold a good amount of posters, the leftovers were given to the band. So this is the only place to get them before they are gone forever!

Birds in a Row on Wooden Panels for Bangor’s The Rock and Art Shop

Dead Bird Paintings - Kris Johnsen 2014
Recently I was asked to take part in a large group art show at the Rock and Art Shop in Bangor, Maine. This is a shop that I sell prints, T’s and patches at and have visited on occasion and is a really amazing place! The idea behind the show is about 30 artists all get 3, 5-5in wood panels to make art on. I decided to keep with a theme I was already working on for the new Blood Warrior album and have these relate. Two of the birds are part of the record packaging and one is an extension of it. The panels do not say Blood Warrior of have any text. I’m really happy with how these came out and they were really fun to work on. The panels are up at the shop now along with many other great artists. Each panel is $50 and only available through the Gallery. I believe there is an Opening/Closing Party for the show on December 5th. Or atleast that is when it is up until. If you are around Bangor please stop by and see my pieces!
Dead Bird Paintings - Kris Johnsen 2014

Dead Bird Paintings - Kris Johnsen 2014
Here’s two shots from the gallery below!


New Stag and Snake Screen Printed Poster

Stag and Snake Screen Printed Poster - Kris Johnsen 2014

I just finished up printing 2 editions of this print I created a few months ago for the band Graveyard Lovers. It was initially a t-shirt design for the band but I always kind of liked it so much I decided to make it into a 12-16in 1 color poster. I also printed a small edition with band text that will be sent to the band and available through them. These are up for sale now here.Stag and Snake Screen Printed Poster - Kris Johnsen 2014 Stag and Snake Screen Printed Poster - Kris Johnsen 2014 Stag and Snake Screen Printed Poster - Kris Johnsen 2014

First Friday 11.7.2014

Kris Johnsen

Thanks Maine Today for snapping a picture of me at this past First Friday! Had lots of fun doing a pre-holiday art sale at my old stompin grounds SPACE Gallery. Thanks to Alex Steed and Maine Calling for asking me to be part of it!

Here’s a shop of my table set up.