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Huak – Yorba Linda vinyl record

The first record I got to design and screen print. Huak‘s – Yorba Linda. Printed on Kraft paper and is a 2 color print. I also designed the record sticker. I think 200-250 of these were made. I really love this record and am super happy with how it looks! Still available through the band if you want to grab one!

Slim Wild Boar & his Forsaken Shadow Album

Finally got a physical copy of this album in my hands! Slim Wild Boar & his Forsaken Shadow – Self Titled. Released in 2014. I did the album cover illustration as well as the record sticker with the boar and text on it.

Mount Sharp vinyl

I recently had the pleasure of doing an illustration for longtime friend Bryan Bruchman’s new band Mount Sharp. They have a new ep coming out/out right now called Weird Fears. The ep is pressed on 12in vinyl with one side being the music and the other side having an etching of the illustration I made for them. I’ve yet to see this in person but the pic below looks pretty sweet! I’m excited to see what it looks like when spinning. Pick these up directly from the band on the internets or at their live shows.
Mount Sharp – 2014 Tour Dates
Thu 21 Aug 2014 TT the Bear’s Boston / Cambridge, MA, US
Fri 22 Aug 2014 The Press Room Portsmouth, NH, US
Sun 24 Aug 2014 Casablanca Cruises Portland, ME, US
Fri 05 Sep 2014 Pianos New York, NY, US
Fri 26 Sep 2014 Asbury Lanes Asbury Park, NJ, US

Stream the ep at Brooklyn Vegan.

Mount Sharp – Serious Business on BTR

Mount Sharp

Thanks for the shout out Bryan! Listen to Mount Sharp!
I’ll post a picture of the vinyl when I see it in person, until then enjoy this poster collab Bryan and I made for their residency at Pianos in NY.

Mount Sharp

Photo things are happening!

Kris Johnsen 2014
Today I spent the day photographing new and semi-new prints and Tshirts in Studio E which is Erin Flett’s beautiful and bright studio space. As I’ve mentioned before I’m over hauling my Etsy, website and currently working on a NEW web store that will be for more current projects and available products for wholesale. It’s going to take more some time to photograph, edit and update everything but please keep checking back to my Etsy Store for new product shots and expect a new website as soon as I can get it done!


Also, you should really listen to this album. It’s amazing! Mutoid Man – Helium Head. Put out by Magic Bullet Records.

Caspian – Waking Season screen printed poster

Caspian Waking Season Poster - Kris Johnsen 2012

Caspian Waking Season Poster - Kris Johnsen 2012

Caspian Waking Season Poster - Kris Johnsen 2012

This past month I had the pleasure of designing a smaller 12in.-12in. screen printed poster for the band Caspian‘s new full length record “Waking Season’ to be released on Triple Crown Records. The only way to get the poster is by pre-ordering their deluxe bundle of the new record. The bundle includes, 180 gram 2xLP on black vinyl. Gatefold jacket. Includes digital download card. (Only 300 will be pressed). Waking Season digipak CD. DIY Music Box w/ “Waking Season” pre-punched strip & bonus strip. Waking Season T-Shirt. 11×17″ (Folded) Waking Season album release poster and the print I made pictured above.

The poster was is a 3 color hand puled screen printed poster, printed in Portland, ME on 140lb. black speckletone French Paper. The design is based off of Instant Polaroid pictures I’ve taken the past year with my different Polaroid Land Cameras using Fuji Film. The only real guidelines I had for this poster design was to base the art off of the music how ever I wanted and to possibly try something new that I had no ever done with printing or designing before. I don’t usually ever work with straight photos in my work and it I do it’s a very small amount, I only like to when they are photos of my own and not found images. I’m by no means a photographer but in the past year or so I’ve found a new love of instant photography and realizing how similar in a way it is to burning a silk screen with photo emulsion, your basically using the same kind of photo chemicals. It’s also allowed me to search new forms of art making and just having fun taking physical pictures of my life.
When designing this I took in consideration that this was not going to be a gig poster where it should usually have larger text and more of an advertisement for a show or event. This is more of a “hold in your hands” kind of poster where the digital version does not matter very much, it’s all about opening up this record and holding this small screen printed thing in your hands. I chose to use a much thicker paper then I usually use and one of the colors printed is black ink on black paper, because the paper is not a perfect pitch black you can see the black print very well but its not as noticeable as the other layers. It was a bit of a toss up between the black ink and doing a glow-in-the-dark layer but let’s be honest, almost all of the glow poster’s I’ve ever seen are not as cool as you think they would be. Dan McCarthy is really the only person who pulls off glow-in-the-dark posters well.
I’m very excited to finally hear this whole record start to finish and am beyond psyched to have this little part in the packaging of this record. Caspian has been a favorite band of mine since a friend from Beverly, MA turned me on to them in school and then later I booked them at a venue I work at in Portland, ME which is still my favorite show ever seeing their along with Arms and Sleepers and The Baltic Sea. Please go see these fellas live and pick up the new record! All that info can be found on their site here.
Below you can find a few process shots and initial photo scans of the creating of this poster.


Huak – Yorba Linda Album Artwork

Here’s my new album artwork for the Portland, ME. band Huak. The album is getting released digitally this Friday at their Bandcamp page and eventually getting a limited Press on vinyl where I will be screen printing all the covers! I don’t believe cd’s are being made of this at all which if you ask me is pretty cool. I’m done with cd’s forever. The album is being put out by Ron Harrity’s PeaPod Recordings.