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New Blood Warrior fabric patches + pins


Last night my friend Greg from the band blood warrior hung out and made some diy patches on fabric and some pins. I recently had the pleasure of designing his new album for the band which will be released in a few months and we have been brainstorming little merch ideas for him to have until the record is released. We are also working on a tshirt design that will be printed at a later time.

Greg also sings for the band o’death which have been a favorite of mine for awhile. If you are a fan of that band you will probably also like blood warrior. It is much more stripped down and has less instruments. Take a listen here, and look out for the new album Letter Ghost.








William Schaff Studio visit


Last week I had the great honor to hang out with William Schaff in his Warren, Rhode Island studio and home. This has been in the works for a few months now ever since Will and his band the What Cheer? Brigade started playing at Space Gallery, the Arts and Music venue I worked at awhile back. I spent the good amount of a week making and talking art with Will in his studio. I worked on my own work at the studio and also got to see how Will, a very established working artist, works in his own space. It was great to get out of Portland and work on different work in a different place, it got me out of my comfort zone which is something I needed. I worked on a few panels during the week as well as tried a few new techniques like scratch board and drawing on wood. Some of the pieces I worked on are featured below, I will try and get good pictures of the pieces I made later this week.

The time I spent there was a great experience and I hope to make my way back there in the future! Here’s a bunch of pictures from the week in Rhode Island in Will’s amazing and inspirational studio. I plan to keep working on certain things I started in the studio and also want to keep working on more on-of-a-kind pieces and not as many digital art pieces.



First Friday 4/3/09 – MECA Senior Index Show, SPACE Gallery and more…

Carving The Floors at SPACE Gallery

Carving The Floors at SPACE Gallery

The Maine College of Art Senior Index Show had it’s opening last night, there was lots to see inside of ICA at MECA as well as students selling work inside the school building, which I think is a great idea! and long overdue, you have no idea how many times I’ve been asked if there is a MECA Store at the school, so it’s really great that student’s are getting the chance to sell their work they have worked so hard to make. The Index show was great, lots of stuff i havent seen before and is just a little sample of the student work before they hang up their Senior thesis show, which is in about a month, the same day as graduation.

MECA Senior Index Show: Rachel Watson

MECA Senior Index Show: Rachel Watson

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