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Slim Wild Boar & his Forsaken Shadow Album

Finally got a physical copy of this album in my hands! Slim Wild Boar & his Forsaken Shadow – Self Titled. Released in 2014. I did the album cover illustration as well as the record sticker with the boar and text on it.

Winter Picnic 2014 Photos


Photos from Sunday’s Winter Picnic event in Portland, Maine!

Thanks to all those who stopped by my table and said hi or picked something up for themselves or a present. Also thanks to Anabelle Souza for helping me out all day at the table.


Birds in a Row on Wooden Panels for Bangor’s The Rock and Art Shop

Dead Bird Paintings - Kris Johnsen 2014
Recently I was asked to take part in a large group art show at the Rock and Art Shop in Bangor, Maine. This is a shop that I sell prints, T’s and patches at and have visited on occasion and is a really amazing place! The idea behind the show is about 30 artists all get 3, 5-5in wood panels to make art on. I decided to keep with a theme I was already working on for the new Blood Warrior album and have these relate. Two of the birds are part of the record packaging and one is an extension of it. The panels do not say Blood Warrior of have any text. I’m really happy with how these came out and they were really fun to work on. The panels are up at the shop now along with many other great artists. Each panel is $50 and only available through the Gallery. I believe there is an Opening/Closing Party for the show on December 5th. Or atleast that is when it is up until. If you are around Bangor please stop by and see my pieces!
Dead Bird Paintings - Kris Johnsen 2014

Dead Bird Paintings - Kris Johnsen 2014
Here’s two shots from the gallery below!


New Stag and Snake Screen Printed Poster

Stag and Snake Screen Printed Poster - Kris Johnsen 2014

I just finished up printing 2 editions of this print I created a few months ago for the band Graveyard Lovers. It was initially a t-shirt design for the band but I always kind of liked it so much I decided to make it into a 12-16in 1 color poster. I also printed a small edition with band text that will be sent to the band and available through them. These are up for sale now here.Stag and Snake Screen Printed Poster - Kris Johnsen 2014 Stag and Snake Screen Printed Poster - Kris Johnsen 2014 Stag and Snake Screen Printed Poster - Kris Johnsen 2014

NEW Tattooed Hands T-shirt

Kris Johnsen Tattooed Hands T-shirt

I recently put together this Tattooed Hands t-shirt after finishing up a small wood panel with this design. I’ve been playing around with lots of black and white imagery lately and thought this would look pretty good on a black/charcoal t-shirt. Each shirt will be hand printed by myself with care in my studio. I’ve been printing lots of these shirts to order so I make sure each one is up to par and printed well! You can pick up one of these here if you would like!

The printed area of the shirt is roughly 12-12in. in size and printed with white water based inks. Below you will find a few pics of the actual wood panel this shirt design came from. This panel is also for sale, so email me if interested. $75 takes it home!Kris Johnsen Tattooed Hands T-shirt Kris Johnsen Tattooed Hands T-shirt

Eat More Art 2014 Art Show at Pinecone+Chickadee

Kris Johnsen 2014
on May 2nd First Friday I’ll be putting on another Eat More Art group show at Pinecone+Chickadee in Portland, ME. In this show I have 50 or so 8-8in. wood panels I pass out to friends and artists around town and ask them to create something on them. Then we get them all back and hang them up for a First Friday opening. It’s a pretty simple concept and got some really great work last year when we did this, so why not do it again?!
You can view pictures from the last Eat More Art show here.

So again I’m putting the word out there to friends who want to be part of this show. If you are interested please send me an email at krisgjohnsen@gmail.com. This is not a free for all type art show we have had in the past so you will need to get in touch with me to join in.
Eat More Art 2012 - Kris Johnsen

3.28.2014 Updates

Here are a few pictures from the last few days. Recently myself and my friend Ryan LaMunyon have been hanging out and just drawing or painting. We did this a little more often a few months ago when we were working on our group art show at Pinecone+Chickadee. We each painted on some panels last night getting ready for the 2nd Eat More Art show at P+C in Portland which I’ll be throwing very soon. It’s where I pass out lots of 8in.-8in. wood panels to friends and artists and have them do whatever they want on them and hang them for a First Friday Art show. More info on this soon!
I recently picked up a new Nikon D3300 camera. I’ve been meaning to buy a nice camera like this for years! Literally since graduating from art school. Well I finally decided to put down the money for one and I’ll be taking lots more pictures and documenting my work so much better. I’m currently working on overhauling my website as well as making a new store to buy my prints and other things. This store will not be on Etsy and I will treat it more of a wholesale store. A place where people can pick up a print if they want but it will also be a place where I only put things that I have a lot of. I will treat my Etsy store more for 1 off and rare things to keep each seperate.
Above is a panel I worked on at drawing night. The size is 12in.-16in. painted with acrylic paint. Contact me if interested.