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New o’death T-shirts

o'death tshirt printing - Kris Johnsen 2015
Over the last month or so I’ve been working on new t-shirt designs for my friends band o’death. We ended up going with 3 different designs. 2 were printed on a round of 100 t-shirts each and then a 3rd design was printed on a limited amount of gray sweatshirts.
I’ve been designing and printing t-shirts for a few years now but have never really taken on larger jobs since the way I print is a very diy way, by simple putting a t-shirt down on my printing table, holding the screen down and printing with a small hand squeegie. This way works great is you are only doing a few t-shirts at a time and don’t mind if they all look slightly different, I actually prefer to print my designs this way. But over the last year I’ve been asked to make more and more band shirts and I prefer not to send off my designs to get printing by anyone else, mostly because Portland does not really have a good t-shirt printer on hand. So I decided to take the money from these last few jobs and buy myself a 4 color t-shirt press! I used it for the first time on these shirts and couldn’t be happier! This this is super sturdy and is very easy to use.
I’m hoping this will allow me to feel more confident with my printing skills and open my self up to taking on more jobs and providing something in the community that doesn’t really exist. I can also charge a bit less if I’m doing both the designing and printing.
Below you will find a few shots from the last few days of printing. o’death will be taking these shirts on tour with them on their opening slot for the great band Murder By Death. I will be heading down to the Boston date if you want to come hang out!
o'death tshirt printing - Kris Johnsen 2015

o'death tshirt printing - Kris Johnsen 2015

o'death tshirt printing - Kris Johnsen 2015

o'death tshirt printing - Kris Johnsen 2015

o'death tshirt printing - Kris Johnsen 2015

o'death tshirt printing - Kris Johnsen 2015

o'death tshirt printing - Kris Johnsen 2015

o'death tshirt printing - Kris Johnsen 2015

New Blood Warrior fabric patches + pins


Last night my friend Greg from the band blood warrior hung out and made some diy patches on fabric and some pins. I recently had the pleasure of designing his new album for the band which will be released in a few months and we have been brainstorming little merch ideas for him to have until the record is released. We are also working on a tshirt design that will be printed at a later time.

Greg also sings for the band o’death which have been a favorite of mine for awhile. If you are a fan of that band you will probably also like blood warrior. It is much more stripped down and has less instruments. Take a listen here, and look out for the new album Letter Ghost.








o’death and Death Vessel screen printed poster

o'death and Death Vessel Poster. Kris Johnsen & Anabele Souza 2014

This o’death and Death Vessel print is now up for sale in my Etsy Shop. I have about 10 of these left and 100% of sales after shipping and Etsy processing charges is still going towards o’death to help them with their recent robbery that happened while on tour. Read more about it here. (http://www.gofundme.com/gk4wyc). These were for sale at their show at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME the other night with all money going towards the band as well, I think we sold a good amount of posters, the leftovers were given to the band. So this is the only place to get them before they are gone forever!

O’death at SPACE Gallery – Flyer design

Poster design for O'death @ SPACE Gallery - Kris Johnsen 2011

O’death at SPACE Gallery!!! View show info here.